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With the American Institute for Pyramid Research

Tour and Explore

We have two 2023 offerings:
A Research Adventure March 8-13, and
2. a Traditional
Ancient Mystery Tour, Oct. 17-26 

2. Ancient Mysteries of Egypt, Oct. 17-26, 2023

Find the details for this tour here.

To reserve your spot on this tour you can put down the $1000 deposit here...
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1. Inexpensive Adventure!!!!

Hands-on adventure, challenge, and fun awaits those who join our research adventure in March, 2023!

THE EXPLORATION ADVENTURE, March 8-13, 2023.  This is a research adventure/exploration, not a tour! Priced inexpensively for the most basic (but comfortable!) accommodations, it will include exploring some pyramids seldom visited, seeking encoded messages on the Giza Plateau pavement, riding ATVs in the desert in search of Osiris/Orion, and an overnight tent adventure in the Fayoum Oasis. Email Larry for the details for this tour.


PRICE: $1000 double occupancy (pay here), $1200 single occupancy (If you want your own room, pay the extra $200 here), which includes housing, all transportation including airport pick up service, most meals, entrance tickets for the main monuments. You are responsible for airfare, tips, and beverages other than water.  

Double blessing! Egypt and new friends. No other Egyptian adventure exploration like it!



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