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A new "tour" offered by the American Institute for Pyramid Research!

The UK Eclipse Line Adventure,
October 3-10, 2024

There is a line of megaliths from the Ring of Brodgar in the Orkneys down to Hengistbury Head spit, running through Stonehenge, Avebury, Old Sarum (Solisbury) and other sites. This ancient line has been called "The UK Megalithic Eclipse Line" by metrologist David Kenworthy, who will be joining us at some point on the tour. You can read about David and get his books here.  The word "Eclipse" is used for this remarkable line of megaliths because anciently Brodgar, Avebury, Stonehenge and Old Sarum were moon observatories which could ascertain the moon wobble that predicts an eclipse.

This adventure will visit each of the megaliths on this line south of Brodgar, and include a day of touring in Glastonbury, Oxford and London. This is intended to be a smaller, intimate experience. When we call something an "adventure" (not a "tour") it means "Don't come if you can't flow with a spirit of adventure!" :-) Not everything is scripted because we want to leave space for spontaneity and spiritual guidance.  Housing will be in a large home with many separate bedrooms so the group interaction will be more communal. The cost for the week tour will be $1000/person (double occupancy/room share. Add $700 for single occupancy). To hold a spot on this Adventure, make the $1000 deposit here. The cost includes transportation, housing, breakfast, and entrance fees. There may be some other cost sharing, as this is a first time for this tour, so it is not yet perfectly scripted. 

Here is the basic "itinerary":

  • October 3, Thursday. Arrive at Heathrow and be taken to the rental house near the megaliths for the welcome social.

  • October 4-6, Fri, Sat, Sunday. Visit the sites including Avebury, West Kennett Long Barrow, Alton Barnes White Horse, Stonehenge, Upper Woodford, Old Sarum and Hengistbury Head spit.

  • October 7, Monday. Oxford. Museums, inspiring world class architecture, libraries.

  • October 8, Tuesday. A day in magical Glastonbury.

  • October 9, Wednesday. A day in London

  • October 10, Thursday. Depart*

    Please send inquiries about this adventure to Larry.


(*Note: After the Eclipse Line Adventure, there may be an extension excursion to include visitation to the Orkneys: Brodgar and Stenness and other sites of interest.)

Lower UK eclipse line.jpg
Lower UK eclipse line.jpg

The UK Megalithic
Eclipse Line

There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from what is revealed by this Eclipse Line. These sites were deliberately positioned by an ancient advanced civilization with precision equivalent to modern day GPS. Amazing!

Amazing metrology!

  1. The length of the entire Eclipse Line, from the Ring of Brodgar up in the Scottish Orkney Islands, to Hengistbury Head on the English Channel, is 365.24 (times 100,000) inches... revealing the length of the solar year in days!

  2. From the center of Old Sarum, to the north rim of the Sarcen Circle of Stonehenge, through the altar stone, is exactly 31680'! According to John Michell in Ancient Metrology, 3168 is the most important number in ancient metrology!
    A square drawn around the Earth has a length of 31680 miles!

31680 earth.jpg
31680' from Old Sarum center to N Sarcen Circle Stonehenge.jpg
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