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You would think that with 4500 years for discoveries in Egypt, there would be nothing left to uncover.

Wrong! Check out the many discoveries we have made in this Land of Mystery!

Learn about the amazing properties of the Holy Shaft and Circle we discovered at Giza.

Check out the mysterious connections we've discovered between the Speed of Light and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

We found hidden keys of transformation through uncannily similar encoded ratios...

In the Trial Passages, which replica the Khufu interior passageways, we found several keys...

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The speed of light in the Great Pyramid!

 Larry had a paper on the Speed of Light Revealed in the Passages of the Great Pyramid, accepted for publication in the scientific journal "Archaeological Discovery".  Read a review copy on Academia...

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Here is a listing of some of our discoveries stored on our YouTube Channel (@TheGreatPyramid)

  1. The Meaning of the 4 letters at the Great Pyramid's entrance.

  2. Some possibilities of the meaning of the only writing in the Great Pyramid, the 4 letters at its entrance below the giant chevrons.

  1. The Great Pyramid's architect Hemiunu knew the speed of light!

  2. More about the relationship of the Great Pyramid and the Speed of Light!

  3. Here's another example of the Speed of Light revealed in the Great Pyramid.

  1. Discovery of the Holy Shaft.

  2. The Summer Solstice and the Holy Shaft.

  3. The Holy Shaft and Vesica Pisces Square Roots at Giza. Wow.

  4. The Holy Shaft and hidden messages from DaVinci's Vitruvian Man.

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Larry's Instagram account is @sagesilent. Check out these reels from our Instagram feed...

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