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The 4 letters at the entrance to the Great Pyramid

The mysterious Tetragrammaton at the original entrance to the Great Pyramid...

AO please DUBUAR!.jpeg

The Kings Chamber South Air Shaft

Of the 4 mysterious Great Pyramid Air Shafts, the southern one in the Kings Chamber is the most intriguing. It is said to point to the constellation Orion.

larry at south kings chamber air shaft.jpg

The speed of light revealed in the Great Pyramid passage lengths!

How did they know the speed of light???

GP SOL.jpg

Mysterious marks on the east side of the Great Pyramid...

Marks on the pavement east of the Great Pyramid, hidden pointers! I made a presentation about these at the 2020 ARCE annual convention, one of the largest Egyptological conferences in the world.

5 marks.jpeg
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