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How I Traveled to Eternity

A Fibonacci Spiral starts at a certain point and spirals out... to infinity. It just keeps going and going ... forever. But I lied when I said it starts at a certain point because theoretically it just keeps spiraling in, smaller and smaller, just like it spirals out, larger and larger. It's sort of like continually moving half the distance to a wall. You never get there. Because you are 20 inches away, then 10 inches away, then 5 inches away, then 2.5, 1.25, .75, and so on. You never make it to the wall. And similarly the Fibonacci Spiral's origin... well, it doesn't really have one because the origin "point" continues to spiral down, and keeps spiraling. Of course, practically it has an origin because the spiraling it's doing, spiraling down forever, is all within the "space" of, for instance, the period at the end of this sentence. The infinite spiraling continues in the "space" of that period... forever. But again, practically, we can consider that period the origin.

In that sense, I have been to the origin of the Fibonacci Spiral pictured here, that goes through the center of four Giza pyramids. The three Giza giants, Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, and also the center of the middle Menkaure satellite pyramid. There is only one Fibonacci Spiral that will go through the center of these 4 pyramids, which is one of the many reasons to believe that Giza is a designed space, not the result of individual pharaohs competing with each other.

It's not, "Hey my pyramid is bigger than your pyramid!" Instead it's, "Hey let's work together on this!" You must admit if former U.S. President Trump and current U.S. President Biden said, "Hey let's work together!" that would be almost mystical. And I will say that my trips to the origin of the Fibonacci Spiral, which are trips -as the title of this blog piece says- to eternity, have been ... okay, I'll say it... mystical. Check out the videos:

Pictured here is a top view of the mango grove where that mystical origin hides away. We calculated the origin point using the famous Phi (Φ) proportion, 1.618, the golden number, as can be viewed in this short video. Below is a graphic illustrating this magnificent geometric form:

If you check out my video links above you will be able to see the trip I took to eternity. And I do think that eternity is one of the concepts the Master Designer planned by placing these pyramids in the line of this Spiral. Egyptians were fixated on the next life. Mummies everywhere. No real word for "death" in Egyptian hieroglyphics. They wanted to make it through to the other side. That's one reason I chase Fibonacci origins. How about you? Come with me on a tour of Egypt and give it a try!

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