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This paperback book is Larry's journey in chasing down all the major stars of the constellation Orion to their corresponding places on the soil of Egypt. Robert Bauval, the originator of the Orion Correlation Theory only correlated the 3 belt stars of Orion with the 3 large Giza pyramids. How can you call this Orion? It is just his belt. Larry found the full constellation Orion in Egypt. This is something no one else has done. Follow this travelogue where Larry explains the various things he was taught by the ΑΩ as he tracked the stars of Orion, including Betelgeuse, Rigel, Bellatrix, Meissa and the club stars.  This research led him to findings that were no where on his radar when he began this journey of discovery. This book only ships to addresses in the United States. Ask Larry about a virtual copy if you are outside the United States

Enoch: Egyptian New Orion Connection Hypothesis

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