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Pyramid Adventure, Mar 8-13, 2023

I want to emphasize this is not a tour. I am doing some research in these areas and some of them are not officially open or are in an unknown status. So nothing is guaranteed. You go for the adventure, the experience, not the destination... got it? :-) 

pdad indiana jones forgotten pyramids 5th dynasty.jpg

Itinerary backbone

1. Wednesday March 8. Dahshur (Red, Bent, ... BL) Nile felucca and sound healing in Cairo

2. Thursday March 9. Sakkara including Teti, Unas, Djoser, Serapeum, more (Horses!)

3. Friday March 10. Giza Plateau, ... LAAtvs

4. Saturday March 11. Leave for Fayoum. Research focus: Seila, Herodotus. Tent!

5. Sunday March 12. Lahun, Hawara pyramid and labyrinth, Meidum.

6. Monday March 13. Shop in Khan el-Khalili and get everybody off to their next destination!

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