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7 Mysterious Pyramids

Be one of the first people in the history of the world to see all 7!

This is not an exaggeration! And as an added bonus, you will see most of the major pyramids of Egypt, and also the Valley of the Kings, the Karnak and Luxor Temples and even have an optional 2-hour private entrance into the Great Pyramid, with access to the parts of the Pyramid closed to the public! The price for this all-inclusive adventure tour is $2500 per person (for double occupancy) ($400 extra for single). Secure your spot with a $1000 deposit here


While some avid Egypt lovers may have been to one or two of these 7 mysterious medium step pyramids, almost no one has been to all 7. Most people have never heard of any of them. And yet, there they are, scattered north to south across Egypt, near the Nile.


​Little research has been done on them.  There is no agreement on which pharaoh or pharaohs put them where they are, though many suggest they were built by Sneferu, the father of Khufu, the builder of the Great Pyramid.


​Our Director, Larry Pahl says, "This will be an outstanding adventure! See the sites that everyone longs to see, along with the pyramids no one sees!  Let's go! This will be a unique expedition, an adventure of a lifetime."


Contact Larry directly to ask more about this "7 Pyramid Adventure".

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7 Pyramid Adventure!

Here are several of this amazing group of mysterious pyramids...


The Seila Pyramid

The northernmost of the seven, in the lovely Fayoum region, this pyramid is up on a mountain! Super unusual... 


The Sinki Pyramid

Near Abydos, a mysterious spot visited by seekers, is this mysterious pyramid, overlooked!



This is a place tourists never come. Be one of the few to visit this pyramid, the only one of the 7 that is east of the Nile.


The Pyramid on Elephantine Island

The southernmost of these mysterious pyramids, it is the only one made entirely of granite. This may be the first pyramid built in the history of the world!

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